Woodstr OS85 oscillating spindle sander

An oscillating spindle sander is a very useful tool for sanding electric guitar body sides. It reduces sanding marks by adding an up-down movement to the rotation of the sanding drum. It also wears the sandpaper more evenly.

The Woodstr OS58 is a medium quality machine with a plastic case and a cast iron table.

It comes with five 115 mm long sanding drums with 19/26/38/51/76 mm diameter, six corresponding table inlay disks and six 80-grit sanding sleeves with 13/19/26/38/51/76 mm diameter. The smallest diameter is mounted directly onto the 1/2" (12.7 mm) spindle. Always use the largest possible drum for any given project. The rotation speed is 2000 rpm, the up-down movement is 16 mm and the useable sanding height is 98 mm.

If you need sanding sleeves with finer grits you will have to find them elsewhere or make your own sanding drum. Or you spend some money for the ultimate solution: a professional sanding drum.

The dust extraction works really well, there's almost no dust in the air when a vacuum cleaner is attached. One supplied adapter allows to connect smaller hoses while the other one will adapt to a large shop vacuum.

Because the table is wider behind the sanding drum I recommend to work from there when sanding wide pieces like a guitar body.

I removed the bottom cover so you don't have to. Here you can see the electronic control circuit and the 450 watts motor. The oscillator magic happens in a black box above which I didn't dare to open.


I'm very pleased with this little machine. It's easy to use and does its job well. I can't yet say anything about the longitivity of the bearings but for this price it's save to say that this model is not suited for everyday professional use. For my occasional guitar building though I consider it perfect. The noise level is high and wearing ear protection is recommended.

Manufacturer link: this particular product is no longer available but there are other models that look like twins e.g. the Triton TSP S450 or the Scheppach OSM 100

CLARIFICATION. I don't have any relationship with the manufacturer and bought the machine at a regular price for my own use.

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