Excerpt from the book It's easy to Build Your Own Lap Steel Guitar. The book describes the building of two lap steel guitars: The simple one shown on the left and a more conventional lap steel guitar.

Building a Lap Steel Guitar

Tools | Material | Making the peghead | Mounting the harware | Fitting the electronics | Fretboard | Finishing | Assembling

What is a lap steel guitar?
Parts of a lap steel guitar
Building a lap steel is easy

The guitar
Detail photos
Line drawing

About hand tools
Measuring and marking tools
Cutting tools
Boring tools
Tools for the electronics
Special guitarbuilding tools
Clamps, Glue

Wood needed
Hardware parts needed
A note on the bridge used
Finishing material
Rough calculation of costs

List of tool and parts suppliers

Making the peghead
Marking the peghead contour
Cutting the peghead shape
Smoothing the transition
Making the peghead taper

Mounting the hardware
Drilling the tuner holes
Mounting the tuners
Mounting the nut
Placing the bridge

Fitting the electronics
Cutting the pickup cavity
Cutting the control cavity
Making the pickup cavity and control cavity cover

Making the fretboard
Marking the fret positions
Cutting the fret slots
Filling the fret slots
Fitting the fretboard dot markers
Gluing on the fretboard

Finishing the guitar

Assembling the guitar
Wiring the electronics
Putting the strings on
Cutting the nut slots
Final setup

Common abbreviations

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