Little helpers

Fret calculator
Calculate fret distances for any scale length.

Fretboard shape calculator
Layout the shape of your fretboard so that its edges run parallel to the outer strings.


Is it worth the trouble?
Should you build a guitar?

My guitar building tips.

Neck pocket
My way of making a neck pocket.

Building a lap steel guitar
Building a lap steel guitar is easy and a clever way to start guitar building.

Construcción de una guitarra hawaiana (PDF, 2.5 MB)
Translated by Pedro Márquez Delgado

Building a solid-body guitar
See how to build a Strat-style guitar with one piece maple neck.

Building a steelstring guitar
18 photos about building an acoustic steelstring guitar.

A visit to Martin Guitars
Pictures from a Martin Guitars factory tour.

My guitar building book shelf
All the books I own.

Guitar building terms English-German

Articles by you

Adjustable neck joint on acoustic-electric hollow bodies
By Max Dickinson.

Pimp My Strat (PDF, 1.2 MB)
By David Turpin.

Pickup placement
By Leonardo Lospennato.

Pickup secrets
By Helmuth E. W. Lemme.

Building an experimental acoustic guitar
By Yaron Naor

Build Your Guitar... Cabinet (PDF, 457KB)
By Edward and Teri Sparks (

Product reviews

Rockler Bench Cookie™
Woodstr OS85 oscillating spindle sander
Felder "Schleiffix" sanding drum
Bosch two-in-one router kit


Guitarmakers' suppliers addresses

Guitarbuilding schools.

Guitar building related web sites.

Guitar building movies on the web
The web has become a great resource for watching how guitars are made.

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