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Some common guitar scale lenghts

Inches Millimeter Guitar
23.50 596,90 Fender Jazzmaster/Jaguar
23.50 596,90 Gibson Byrdland
24.00 609,60 Fender Duo-Sonic/Mustang
24-9/16 623,88 Gibson-style guitar*
25.00 635,00 PRS, National-style guitar
25.34 643,64 Martin standard steel string guitar
25.4 645,16 Martin Dreadnought or OM steel string guitar
25.5 647,7 Fender-style-guitar, Gibson acoustic guitar
25.59 650,00 Typical classical guitar
25-5/8 650,88 Guild acoustic guitar
27.67 702,82 Baritone guitar
30.00 762,00 Short scale bass guitar
32.50 825,50 Medium scale (Rickenbacker-style) bass guitar
34.00 863,60 Long scale (Fender-style) bass guitar

*For an explanation of the Gibson scale length changes over the years see

Note: The scale length of a guitar is always twice the length from the front of the nut (or zero fret) to the 12th fret. Measuring the distance from the nut to the saddle(s) is not exact because the saddles where moved during setting the intonation.