My guitar building book shelf

Acoustic guitars

Making Master Guitars, Courtnall

Classical Guitar Making, Bogdanovich

The Guitar Maker's Workshop, Middleton

Guitarmaking, Cumpiano/Natelson

Build Your Own Acoustic Guitar, Kinkead

The Responsive Guitar and Making The Responsive Guitar, Somogyi
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The Bouzouki Book, McDonald
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A Guitar Maker's Manual, Williams

The Steel String Guitar, Young No longer available

Steel String Guitar Construction, Sloane

Step-by-Step Guitar Making, Willis

Between the Ideal and the Possible, Forster & Best
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Gitarrenbau, Koch

Gitarre selbst gebaut, Hromek No longer available

The Making of Stringed Instruments, Buchanan

The Creation Of The Natura Elite Archtop Guitar, Bills

Über die Restaurierung von Meistergitarren - Ein Werkstattbuch, Streu


Electric guitars

Making an Archtop Guitar, Benedetto

Making A Laminated Hollowbody Electric Guitar, English

Building an Electric Archtop Guitar, Laplante

Build Your Own Electric Guitar, Oackham

Make Your Own Electric Guitar, Hiscock

Electric Guitar Construction, Hirst

Constructing a Solid-Body Guitar, Siminoff

Make Your Own Electric Guitar & Bass, Waring/Raymond

Building Electric Guitars, Koch

Guitars, Design, Production and Repair, Donahue

It's easy to Build Your Own Lap Steel Guitar, Koch

E-Gitarrenbau vom Praktiker für Praktiker, Waldy

E-Gitarrenbau, Koch

Build Your Own Electric Guitar, Foley

Guitar Finishing STEP BY STEP, Erlewine, MacRostie
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eBook: HOW TO Create A Factory Guitar Finish With Just A Couple Of Spray Cans!, Gleneicki
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Ich baue mir eine elektrische Gitarre, Brosnac

Electric Guitar & Electric Bass Design, Lospennato

How to Build Electric Guitars, Kelly

Electric Guitar Sound Secrets and Technology, Lemme

Every author chooses a different approach or a different style, and one has to keep trying to learn from more then just one source to constantly widen one's horizon.
Martin Koch
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